SOGEPI SERVIBOIS stands out as a global leader in the manufacturing and management of contraceptive dovecote (pigeon loft). Our innovative company invented the contraceptive dovecote (pigeon loft) concept over 40 years ago. With our expertise, we actively contribute to the ecological management of pigeon populations in urban environments. Internationally recognized, we export our knowledge and sustainable solutions worldwide. We support cities in their environmental challenges. Thanks to our concept, we promote harmonious cohabitation between humans and nature. SOGEPI SERVIBOIS thus establishes itself as a key player in respecting urban biodiversity.

Installing a contraceptive pigeon loft in a city brings numerous advantages. First, it ethically reduces the pigeon population. The birds live safely and healthily. It also limits the transmission of diseases. Pigeons can often transmit diseases to humans and other animals. With fewer pigeons, the risks decrease. Moreover, it reduces damage to buildings. Pigeon droppings damage structures and facades. Fewer pigeons mean less cleaning and maintenance. It also contributes to a better city image. Squares and parks become cleaner and more welcoming.

It also encourages biodiversity. By controlling the pigeon population, other species can thrive. This is good for ecological balance. Finally, it raises awareness among the population about urban wildlife management. In summary, a contraceptive pigeon loft is a win-win solution for everyone.


Les prestations de SOGEPI SERVIBOIS

Our Services

Conducting an AUDIT for the installation of a contraceptive dovecote

Our company, SOGEPI SERVIBOIS, can support you through all the steps of studies, analysis, and advice. Our expertise of over 40 years in the design and management of city pigeon overpopulation will help you regain control over the regulation of feral pigeons.

MANUFACTURING of a contraceptive dovecote

Choose quality and safety by asking the World Leader to manufacture your contraceptive dovecote. Our contraceptive dovecotes are made with French products processed in our factory. Our contraceptive dovecotes are fully modular according to technical or local requirements.

Installation of a contraceptive dovecote

Our company’s expertise will provide you with all the professionalism necessary for the proper installation of a contraceptive dovecote: mastery of technical and regulatory constraints, securing the premises, soil study, DT/DICT, support for concrete foundations with technical studies, structural analysis, etc.

MANAGEMENT of a contraceptive dovecote

Our company has developed a unique demographic analysis and mathematical matching software to optimize the operation of contraceptive dovecotes. Our one-of-a-kind computer system allows for gentle regulation of pigeon populations while being effective and sustainable.

Discover the custom-made, wooden contraceptive dovecote

Contraceptive dovecote

Square dovecote, also called standard form. Very adaptable, functional, and with aesthetic options as wide as they are varied. The square version is also the most widespread form.

Contraceptive dovecote

The hexagonal shape focuses on aesthetics and manufacturing techniques. The hexagonal dovecote is suitable for all municipalities. This version is an intermediary between the square and the octagonal.

Contraceptive dovecote

The octagonal dovecote is a visual marvel that adapts to all environments, locations, and thus, to all municipalities. Its lines and technicality will beautify your community.

In conclusion, the contraceptive pigeon loft concept created by SOGEPI SERVIBOIS represents a major ecological innovation for the management of pigeon populations in urban areas. Combining respect for the environment, efficiency, and durability, this solution illustrates SOGEPI SERVIBOIS’s commitment to developing methods that are respectful of pigeons. Thanks to this invention, cities can now address the issue of overpopulation of feral pigeons in an ethical and sustainable manner, thus contributing to the improvement of urban quality of life.